Thursday, September 16, 2010

summer fades

Alas, my summer began with a jolt back in May. It seems like a lifetime ago already, but on May 19th the lovely Catherine Anderson and I embarked upon a journey over the rail lines of Italy. (Thank you, Trenitalia, you're wonderfully efficient.) That trip changed me, over and over, like a flood that has ebbed and flowed even since we returned. The courage I mustered to strap that backpack on...well, it washed away a weaker version of me. The stronger person is forming, tentatively, like moth's wings dancing on a ball of clay.

There is a certain tangible sadness in watching the summer fade away. The wind changes scent, becomes mustier, promising the chill and the colors of autumn. I'm watching people settle into the sighs and light sweaters. Vacation photos have long been shared. The laziness of the heat, well, it's no excuse anymore. Certainly some music must be retired because it's saced for the summer months. Some dreams now slumber until this season comes around again. Bless you, summer. Thank you for a thousand tiny gifts, some which I hope grow to see you again next year.